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Referral Process

Salveo Consulting is a contracted vendor for Department of Corrections, Comprehensive Services Act (various counties), Department of Juvenile Justice, Office of Criminal Justice Services, and Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services. In addition, we accept many private insurances, Medicaid, and self-pay.

Please contact Dr. Ilona Gravers or her assistant, Vittorio Cacchione, for additional information


Ilona Gravers
Vittorio Cacchione


Main line: (703) 303-2855
Assistant: (703) 774-6686

Fax: (703) 935-0773

Mail: P.O. Box 710336, Oak Hill, VA 20171

In your inquiry, please provide needed service, relevant court/due dates, contact information, and the financially responsible party.  We will respond to you within 48 hours, answer any questions, and schedule an initial appointment.

Note: Salveo’s billing services are provided by Kimberly Smith’s Billing, (540) 903-5163.