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Assessment is the cornerstone to designing an appropriate treatment plan. It provides the therapist, client, and referring agency a comprehensive understanding of the presenting concerns. In the legal context, it can assist in answering a legal question.

In addition, an evaluation can determine the need for treatment, treatment goals, risk for reoffense, placement, disposition and assist the court or the supervisory agency in developing a management or supervising strategy.

The types of evaluations available include:

  • Psychological evaluations
  • Comprehensive psychological testing
  • Educational/school-oriented testing
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Court ordered evaluations
  • Sex offender assessments for adults and juveniles
  • Risk assessment
  • Sexual violent predator evaluations
  • Forensic evaluations (competency, sanity, and risk)


Upon conclusion of the evaluation, a written report is provided to the referral source. When requesting evaluation services, please provide the needed timelines for the final report.

Psychological testing is a specialized service used to answer diagnostic questions, form treatment goals, and inform a treatment plan. Testing may include cognitive assessment via intelligence and achievement tests to assess one’s level of functioning, strengths and weaknesses. Emotional and personality testing include such instruments as the Rorschach, MMPI-2, PAI, MCMI-III, to name a few. Various behavioral checklists and computerized programs for assessment of neurodevelopmental disorders are also utilized. For risk assessment, the state of the art risk assessment instruments are incorporated into the evaluation.